We make every effort to offer you a little variety during your normal everyday life on the campsite. For this purpose we organise special events and occasions from time to time.

What we are currently working on:


Dear camping friends, the campsite is open for everyone from June 6th. It is imperative that you follow the rules of distance and hygiene! Bring your own disinfectant! Thank you for strictly respecting these rules!

In the new year we are looking forward to our grill parties again with great live music!

12.06.201st X Music with Bullseye, party duo from the Valais
19.06.20Bitschin Tony
03.07.20Trias Hans
17.07.20Bitschin Tony
31.07.20Steiner Beat
14.08.20Steiner Bruno
28.08.20Rolf Schnyder, from Bullseye & Risotto fun
3. Country-Night with Country-Band Needle and Salt from the Valais,
11.09.20Bayard Ruedi
25.09.20Trias Hans

Past events & projects